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B-52 LS-100 100W Guitar Amp Head Black

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B-52 LS-100 100W Guitar Amp Head, Black
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Product DescriptionThe B-52 LS-100 Guitar Amp Head is the latest in a growing number of known B-52 guitar amplifier. Friendly features on the latest developments in preamp technology makes the LS-100 amplifier is an excellent choice for professional players and weekend warriors. The clean channel now has the exclusive B-52 “Mid Cut” feature. This touch of a button you can use the classic, warm vintage sound or select a pristine, almost acoustic-like tone with tons of headroom. The overdrive channels go from moderate classic dismantling monstrous gain, totally controlled by the individual gain and master controls for each overdrive mode. The overdrive channels now feature the new, B-52 assignable control Contour. This allows you to pre-audit Contour, and should automatically activate the channel profit of your choice. It can be charged overdrive channel for a punchy midrange tone with the series of contour and contour to the other overdrive channel for a massive, fully eroded clay metal. Whether you play in a stadium of 50,000 at home or in the garage, the LS-100 awesome crunch to produce smooth and crisp medium high. It is also suitable for producing large amounts of distortion, perfect for any kind of blues to metal.
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