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Ampeg B Series B-2Re 450 Watt Solid State Bass Head

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Ampeg B Series B-2RE 450 Watt Solid State Bass Amp Head
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Price: $579.95

  • 9 Band Graphic EQ
  • Mosfet Power Amp
  • Ultra Mid Tone Control
  • Balanced Line Out w/Pre, Post and Pad

Product DescriptionAmpeg, (part of Loud Technologies), recognized internationally as a leading name in guitar and bass amplifiers in the 1960s, the SVT (Super Valve Tone) bass amplifier took the rock world by storm with 300 watts of, 8 x10 go “cabinet and a tone that you set the standard for the rock and the bass will roll. Ampeg now argues that a leader in professional bass gear and a valuable manufacturer classic guitar amplifier designs with a constant supply of modern bass tone through quality and innovation. In 2006, new Ampeg was again buying electric guitar version of the cult classic Dan Armstrong Lucite guitar body to bear and one of the most innovative ideas in the modern history of the guitar. Amazon. com Product DescriptionThe new B2 Ampeg – RE replaces our ever-popular B-2R, delivering up to a 450-watts @ 4 ohm, high power, Neutrik Speakon ® jack means that every drop of that power will be the speakers. Given the volume and tone will should be consistent, we fitted the B2-RE with superb clay sculpting Ultra Mid control us that a new level of tonal fine-tuning that should satisfy even the most demanding player like this, makes available. Want more control? Use the 9 – – Band Graphic EQ to custom tailor your sound to your room or use it as a “second channel” to get high for this show-stop solo bass. Four hundred fifty watts of pure bass energy, total tone control done exceptionally rugged construction of B2-RE a true performer amplifier bass. Features: RMS Power Output (4 ohms): 450-watts RMS output power (8 ohms): 250-Watts Preamp: Solid State Power Amp: MOSFET Tone control: 3 – Band Mid Tone Control: Ultra Mid Graphic EQ: Yes, 9-Band Balanced Line Out: Yes, Pre / Post and Pad Effects Loop: Yes Preamp Out / Power Amp x In: Yes Dimensions (W x H x cm D): 19 x 3. 5 x15 Weight: 26 kg
Price: $579.95
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