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Aguilar DB 751 Bass Head

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Aguilar DB 751 Bass Head
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Price: $2,149.00

  • Power Output: 975 watts @ 2 ohms, 750 watts @ 4 ohms
  • EQ Section: hybrid active/passive tone stack: bass: +12  / -12 @ 40Hz; midrange: +12  / -12 @ 750Hz; treb: +12 /  -7 @ 4kHz
  • Jensen XLR balanced output
  • Preamp Section: Three 12AX7s
  • Rack Size: Three Spaces, 42 lbs. Includes removable rack ears

Product DescriptionThe database 751 is a completely new hybrid amplifier, the legendary tube-driven tone of the support 750 to an active database and combined cut for more control over EQ. A perfect combination of raw power and excellent sound, the DB-751 is the delivery of world-famous 750 in DB. Providing 975 watts into 2 ohms and 750 watts at 4 ohms this amplifier has the flexibility you need to play any size room.
Price: $2,149.00
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