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Aguilar DB-750 Bass Head

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Aguilar DB 750 Bass Head
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  • 750W at 4 ohms, 975W at 2 ohms
  • 43 lbs.
  • Hybrid design with discrete solid-state power section and all-tube preamp section
  • Controls include treble, mid, and bass EQs; deep switch; bright switch; a push/pull to select line or instrument level on the effects loop pot
  • Connections include active and passive inputs, a tube-buffered DI with Jenson transformer balanced output (-40 pre and post EQ), a tuner out, 2 Speakon outputs, and one XLR balanced output

Product DescriptionThe Aguilar DB-750 Bass Head is a hybrid design that is distinct, steady-state power section and all the combination tube preamp circuits. This works your head under 2 -, 4 – or 8-ohm loads, and power 750W (into 4 ohms) measured in usable workplace in amplifier. Controls include treble, mid and bass EQ, deep change, switch, a push / pull for line or instrument level on the effects of pot Loop Selection. Connections include active and passive inputs, a tube-buffered DI with Jenson transformer balanced output (-40 pre-and post-EQ), a tuner out, 2 Speakon connectors and one balanced output XLR. A custom Aguilar toroidal power transformer complete the DB-750 Bass Head. * Optional: Head CaseFrom the ManufacturerThe DB-750 bass head is a ground-breaking hybrid amplifier with a discrete MOSFET and a part of all-tube preamp. A perfect combination of raw power and huge potential, the DB-750 sets the precedent for all hybrid heads. This head develops 750 watts of high-fidelity sound at 4 ohm, 975 watts at 2 ohms. Accepts 2, 4 a.m. to 8 pm ohm loads tuner out with mute self-protection circuit and thermal overload protection circuit (both with LED indicators), short circuit protection Output: 750 watts @ 4 ohm, 975 watts @ 2 ohms. Preamp Section: Three 12AX7s and 12AU7 Power Section: 12 complimentary lateral Transformers MOSFETs: Custom Aguilar toroidal power transformer. EQ Section: Tube driven shelving type treble (+ / – 12dB @ 4kHz), mid (+ / – 12dB @ 400Hz) and bass (+ / – 12dB @ 40Hz) controls. Deep Switch: Adds 3db of broadband boost to 30 Hz Bright Switch: A passive RC-circuit pre-emphasis to 5-7 kHz. Effects Loop: Send pot is push / pull for line or instrument level pot push back / pull for parallel or series operation. Inputs: One 1 / 4 “input to switch active / passive. A 1 / 4” input amplifier. Outputs: Two Neutrik Speakon speaker outputs, one Jenson XLR balanced output (-32dB pre-and post-EQ) with ground lift switch and 1 / 4 “jack preamp output. Refrigeration: High quality Whisper Fan Power Requirement: 100, 120, 230 VAC , 50 – 60 Hz Dimensions: 19 “W x 14” D x 5. 25 “H Rack Size: Three areas Weight: 43 kg Footswitch: Optional mute activation 100th footswitch is available ($ 00) Warranty: Ten years is limited
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