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Aguilar AG 500 Bass Head Boss Brown

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Aguilar AG 500 Bass Head, Boss Brown
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Price: $1,235.00

  • 500 watts RMS at 4 ohms
  • 18 lbs.
  • 2 rackspaces
  • Dual Preamps, Class A gain stages
  • Front-panel FX loop and DI

Product DescriptionThe Aguilar AG 500 Dual Channel Bass Head combines two preamps and Class A gain stages with a light 500-watt MOSFET Class D power section. Channel One provides clean, full sound with the flexibility of a 4-band EQ section is active. Channel 2 has a passive EQ section and a large overdrive, adjustable for everything from vintage tube full-grain dust. The results include loop push / pull send pot line or organic level, and a push / pull return pot for parallel or series operation. The Aguilar AG 500 Head equipped, 2 Speakon and 2 1 / 4 “outputs for the balanced output XLR DI, both before and after the switch EQ. By the side handle and removable ear framework. * Includes footswitch for channel select, and Mute . This model in “The Boss Black.” It seems nice tweed with cabinets. * Optional: Headcase or Transfer bagFrom the AG ManufacturerThe 500 is more flexible head Aguilar, with two switchable via footswitch channel preamplifier and a fully adjustable Saturation circuit. channel 4 – band active EQ provides full, clear tones while Channel Two 3-band EQ shelving and Saturation circuit give the bassist for everything from cereal to full tubular pollutant. endorsed by 500 watt and weighs only 18 kg, which 500 AG is becoming one of the most powerful portable bass amps. Including removable ear framework and flexible handling. Output: 500 watts @ 4 ohm, 250 watts into 8 ohms Inputs: One ¼ “input jack with Active / Passive switch Channel One: Bright : 5 dB>? 4kHz shelving Treble: + / – 13DB @ 4kHz shelving High Mid: + / – 14dB @ 800Hz top Low Mid: + / – 14dB @ 400Hz peak Bass: + / – 18dB @ 40Hz shelving Deep: 6 dB
Price: $1,235.00
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