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EBS Fafner 600-watt Class A Tube Bass Amp Head

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EBS Fafner 600 watt Class A Tube Bass Amp Head
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Price: $1,749.00

  • 9-Volt Phantom Power System
  • Tube sounding compressor.
  • Easy-to-use filter section.
  • Hi and Lo-boost filters.
  • Tube overdrive/distortion.

Product Description The Fafner has a tube-armed preamp and is the choice of rock professionals worldwide. This beautiful, unmistakable amp is very easy to operate. Equipped with fast MOSFET power amplifier provides a clearly defined sound awesome 600 watt. This classic tube-armed head, you just blow away. Timeless Tube Sound The EBS Fafner is aware of the bass sound, focusing the search for a crisp, powerful and authentic tube sound with a powerful blow. The experience at your fingertips, this unique, beautiful amplifier is the dream of rock bassist. The strength, clarity and punch is unparalleled. It will not be disappointed. * Unique tube go figure. Floating balanced output XLR.
Price: $1,749.00
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