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BEHRINGER ULTRACOUSTIC ACX1800 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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Behringer Ultracoustic ACX1800 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier (Standard)
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Price: $399.99

Product DescriptionThe Behringer ACX1800 is 180W, 2-amp with 2 to 8 “speaker for true acoustic fidelity. ULTRACOUSTIC The amp includes 2 independent FX processors and an extremely musical 9-band graphic EQ for each channel, and the Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System to reduce feedback in an instant. In addition, the ACX1800 mute switches, inserts per channel and has a balanced stereo XLR Line Output with Ground Lift switch to enable direct connection to your mixing console. It includes a dual footswitch FS112 for effects on / off and channel switching.
Price: $399.99
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