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Hartke VX115 Bass Guitar Amplifier 1×15 Cabinet, 300 Watts

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Hartke VX115 Bass Guitar Amplifier 1x15 Cabinet, 300 watts
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Price: $249.00

  • Heavy-duty plywood construction
  • One 15 inch proprietary driver
  • One horn loaded high frequency transducer
  • Power Handling: 300 Watts @ 8 Ohms
  • Ergonomic handles

Product DescriptionThe Hartke VX115 Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet is designed for bassists who demand excellent tone but prefer traditional cone drivers. HARTKE VX Series Bass agencies have their own paper cone drivers with their bass Hartke specially treated cones, fabric surrounds the rear, the low weight of moving design for maximum performance and headroom and heavy metal frame. VX-plywood cabinets are made of durable hard way, and loaded recessed handles have specially developed high-frequency transducer horn. Dual 1/4-inch inputs. The VX115 handles 300 Watt RMS and a 1×15-inch drivers with a driver HF. With heavy duty plywood construction, the rugged carpet covered cabinet has strong protective corners, ergonomic handles and a recessed jack cup protecting the two 1 / 4 inch inputs. The new VX bass reflex enclosure was designed for bass players, demand excellent tone but prefer traditional paper cone drivers. These warm, punchy own a cab with specially treated cones, impregnated fabric, all tailored around, convex dust caps mounted in heavy steel frames. The high efficiency low moving mass design ensures maximum power and plenty of room for the whole region of the driver. Rounding the sound, each cabinet is a proprietary design horn loaded high frequency transducer. The XL Series provides the highest performance at all levels. Each case is carefully calibrated and adjusted to help you articulate a smooth, balanced response along with an attack with high impact. Equipped with custom Hartke XL-aluminum cone drivers for maximum response, the XL series also features high-quality 3 / 4 in + 5 / 8 inch composite plywood construction and a metal mask blows. These high quality offices are available with rugged, street-tough equipped to protect interlocking stacking corners and recessed input jacks on the critical cable connections.
Price: $249.00
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