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D210XLT8 Eden David Series XLT Bass Cabinet

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Eden D210XLT8 David Series XLT Bass Cabinet
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Price: $649.99

Product DescriptionA favorite with professionals, is a great sounding 210 homes. In Eden’s exclusive hand-made EC-1060XL Cast Frame woofers and an adjustable E-2700 Cast Bell tweeter. This small system is more deep bass than many other 4×10 plans. . . . From Manufacturera favorite with professionals, we consider this as the best 210-housing available. With our exclusive in-house, hand-EC-1060XL Cast Frame woofers and an adjustable E-2700 Cast Bell tweeter. This small system is more deep bass than many other 4 x 10 designs. The narrow, deep, focused tone may obscure the true nature of your transaction. This is the 8-ohm version of the D210 XLT. This model is also available in a version 4-ohm. SPEAKERS: EC-1060XL Cast Tweeters under: E-2700 Cast Bell Crossover: 3 5kHz @ 18db Power Handling: 350W RMS FREQ. RESPONSE: 48Hz – 14kHz ± 2dB Sensitivity: 103dB SPL @ 1W1m Impedance: 8; Dimensions: 23 “W x 19. 5” x 18 h. 5 “D Weight: 68 LBS The David Eden Bass Enclosures guitar carefully designed and constructed to hand to give you years without problems world-class performance even under the most difficult performance conditions. In Eden, we approach speaker design from a different direction than most companies. Because of our long history and deep background in the industry, we look forward to speaker as a logical extension of the player and instrument. We design and voice each site to enhance certain properties, such as a fine instrument is handmade. After having spent time and money searching for the perfect bass you will be an amplifier and speaker system do it justice. Eden is the only bass guitar amplifier company that actually hand builds their own speaker and tweeters want them. This allows us the sound and production quality control of our products very carefully to get the best bass guitar products possible. We use AA plywood furniture, all Dado and groove construction with the massive internal bracing required to really produce deep bass note you’re right. portability is optimized for high performance, and boxes tuned to maximize sound quality and performance. Shells designed so that actual sound of the bass with the proper character and clarity to reproduce. Nothing sounds like a paradise. Based on your play style and space, we have a system in accordance with your taste and budget requirements.
Price: $649.99
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