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BEHRINGER ULTRABASS BB410 Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

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Behringer Ultrabass BB410 Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet (4x10 inch, 1200 watts)
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Price: $299.00

  • Reinforced chamber, front-ported bass cabinet for 1,200 Watts of power handling
  • Original BUGERA speakers with special high-impact cones
  • Powerful and punchy bass tone
  • Switchable 1″ custom-made horn tweeter for high-end punch
  • Recessed carrying handles and integrated rollers for easy transportation

Product DescriptionThe Behringer BB410 is their version of the classic bass speaker. Four 10-inch BUGERA speakers and a 1-inch tweeter horn deliver 1.200 Watts with sheer unlimited leeway. Fans of the classic style of the paper cone woofer with high velocity and characteristic punch, all located in a cabin that meets their needs. Plus, all the taxis in BEHRINGER ULTRABASS BB CLASSIC TONE Series – like their brothers in aluminum – high functioning, selects 1-inch horn for greater clarity in the midrange.
Price: $299.00
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