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Ampeg SVT-210AV Office 2×10 Micro Speakers

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Ampeg SVT-210AV Micro Bass Cabinet 2x10 Speakers
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  • LF Driver: 2×10 Eminence Speakers
  • Same Infinite baffle design as other SVT Cabs
  • RMS Power Handling: 100 Watts (mono)
  • Frequency Reponse (-3dB): 58Hz-5kHz
  • Usable Low Frequency (-10dB): 40Hz

Product DescriptionThe Ampeg SVT-210AV: The portable alternative to the Cabinet Ampeg SVT-210AV is a portable alternative to full sized SVT cab. Ideal for bleed-sensitive recording situations where the SVT-810AV can be too loud and live situations where it would be too large, the SVT-legendary Infinite 210AV Ampeg Baffle of the speaker system for maximum efficiency and true Ampeg tone. The SVT-210AV was designed to follow the classic good looks and features of the renowned cabinet turn the Ampeg SVT. The SVT 210AV Box is an ideal companion for the Micro-VR Head, sold individually designed. Like all the products you 210AV Ampeg SVT cabinet designed and built by musicians and, with only the best components. Each cabinet is tested to confirm that it complies with the requirements of Ampeg. Here are some of functions of the Ampeg SVT 210AV packaged speaker: The details of the 1970 season-series appearance, as the SVT Micro Stack amplifier Designed VR (sold) separately in bowls next to the top allow for the safe stowage of Micro-VR amplifier or up to four empty glasses. Two ten-inch Eminence speaker Two 1 / 4 “TS parallel input and output jacks impedance 8 ohms Power 200 Watt RMS Stylish top-handle legacy of Ampeg SVT SVT, the bass amp that all rock bassists dream whether famous or completely unknown. Ampeg SVT has an idea for a broader range of sounds. former bassist Scott Editor Malandrone SVT put into perspective this way: “The SVT is the sound of the bass, which Marshall Super Lead been made for electric guitar – the instrument would be an identity . “Ampeg amps: Built to work HardAmpeg (part of Loud Technologies), recognized internationally as a leading name in guitar and bass amplifiers in the 1960s, the SVT (Super Valve Tone) bass amplifier took the rock world by storm with 300 Watts, 8 x 10 “cabinet and a tone, go with the standard for rock and roll bass will be determined. Ampeg is now focusing to a leader in professional bass gear and a valuable manufacturer amplifier design classics guitar with a continuous supply of modern bass tone through quality and innovation.
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