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Aguilar DB-212 Bass Cabinet, 8 ohm, Classic Black

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Aguilar DB 212 Bass Cabinet, 8 Ohm, Classic Black
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Price: $899.00

  • Two 12″ cast frame woofers, 56 oz. magnets, phenolic tweeter with phase plug
  • Power Handling: 600 watts RMS
  • Recessed deep dish handles
  • Custom crossover with variable tweeter control
  • One Neutrik Speakon and two 1/4″ inputs

Product DescriptionBased the same footprint as the sound-DB 112, DB 212 is a great medium sized cabinet for medium and large spaces. The 13-ply Birch cabinet, which is low for deep, punchy midrange, benefiting from full, round sound of 12 “is set speakers. Specifications: Impedance: available in 8 ohms Frequency response: 41 Hz to 16 kHz * Sensitivity: 98 dB 1W 1M * Dimensions: 24 3 / 4 “H, 24 1 / 2” W, 17 3 / 8 “D * Weight: 70 kg. * Warranty: 3 years limited * Optional: Padded CoverFrom ManufacturerThe the new DB 112 combines the full low-end extension of the GS 112 with the punchy midrange of the DB series cabinet line. A heavy duty under-cast Eminence driver is mounted at the rear carrying 13 ply Baltic Birch enclosure with high-freezer effeciency, concentrate, and the music will sound louder than other boxes of similar size to create. Available in 4 different colors of the DB line (Chocolate Thunder, Classic Black, green monster, and the new Boss Tweed), the DB 112 will sound great and look cool at all stages. The DB cabinets have the aggressive middle and punch through a loud band at the same time, full-range sound Aguilar, that is the signature. It employs 13 ply Baltic Birch Custom Eminence drivers, and Aguilar custom horn and crossover the DB offices have a clear, focused midrange and extended low. These offices are the first Aguilar offices have classic rock show with special color combinations. The DB cabinets are available with textured vinyl covering and grill cloths in the following colors: Classic Black (black with silver grill cloth), Chocolate Thunder (Brown with a black / brown tissue) Boss Tweed (Tweed with Oxblood grill cloth) and Monster Green (dark green with a black cloth, grill). A 12 “woofer under cast, 56 ουγκιές Magnet Power Handling: 300 watts Impedance: 8 ohms Phenolic tweeter with integral phase plug Custom crossover with variable tweeter control One Neutrik Speakon and two 1 / 4” Inputs Frequency Response: 42 Hz to 16 kHz Sensitivity : 95 dB 1W 1M Deluxe strap handle, metal corners, rubber feet Dimensions: 14 “H x 19” W x 19 “D 13-ply, void free Baltic birch Weight: 45 pounds Warranty: Three years limited
Price: $899.00
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